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Medical technology has enjoyed such enormous leaps throughout history that they almost seem commonplace now — but did you know that the same holds true for veterinary care? One remarkable technique, in particular, can help pets overcome a wide range of conditions, from chronic pain to acute injuries, without surgery, drugs, or anything else apart from the power of amplified light. This technique is pet cold laser therapy, and we’re excited to make this healing modality available to Sacramento animals here at Broadway Veterinary Hospital.

The Healing Power of Cold Laser Energy

You may be familiar with the use of lasers as surgical tools, using concentrated beams of amplified light to cut and seal incisions with the utmost precision. But there’s another kind of laser energy that operates in a lower frequency range, and it has a powerful medical value of its own. Low-level or “cold” laser therapy uses a beam that passes right through tissue instead of cutting it. This enables the laser to travel under the skin surface and land on underlying tissues suffering from inflammation or damage. The energy of the beam then produces an effect called photobiostimulation. This effect causes cell components to make more of the “fuel” (ATP) necessary for cell repair and regeneration — allowing the tissues to heal themselves faster. The laser also warms the tissue, causing increased blood flow that helps to ease the pain, deliver nutrients to the treatment site, and sweep away inflammatory substances.

Your Pet’s Cold Laser Therapy Session

Pet cold laser therapy has proven tremendous versatile. We may recommend this technique to treat such diverse issues as acute soft tissue injuries, chronic joint pain (including osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia pain), nerve damage and neuropathy, edema (swelling), skin problems, ear infections, post-surgical pain and other situations. It makes an especially valuable tool for animals who cannot tolerate medications such as painkillers by offering them a drug-free alternative for improved comfort and mobility. This form of therapy is safe for practically all pets and conditions, with rare exceptions such as malignancy cancers and pregnancy.

Pet cold laser therapy couldn’t be easier or simpler for your furry friend (who will stay furry, incidentally, since we don’t have to shave off any hair to perform the procedure). With your pet sitting or lying comfortably, we apply a handheld device that imparts the laser energy to the treatment area. A treatment session takes just a few minutes, and the safe, drug-free nature of the treatment means that it can be repeated as frequently as necessary. Your pet will feel nothing but a soothing warm sensation; in fact, your pet may even fall asleep as he experiences welcome relief from his pain.

Learn More From Our Sacramento Veterinarians

Are you ready to find whether pet cold laser therapy is the state-of-the-art technology your pet needs? Learn more by calling our Sacramento veterinarians at 916-446-6154 to schedule a consultation and evaluation!

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