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At Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Sacramento, it’s not uncommon for an animal to come in with ear mites. This affliction typically happens to pets who are frequently outside or who come from multi-animal environments, such as a doggy daycare or an animal shelter.


Ear mites are insects that are too small to see with the naked eye. They almost look like miniature spiders when they’re viewed under a microscope. They live on the pet’s skin and frequently make the ears their preferred home. Ear mites can be an annoying condition for your pet to deal with, so seeing a veterinarian for proper veterinary care is recommended.

Symptoms of Ear Mites

One of the most common symptoms of ear mites is frequent scratching at the affected ears. This scratching can be so severe that the animal ends up getting cuts and scrapes at the base of their ears over time. You may notice one of your furry friends shaking their head frequently, or observe brown or black substances within the ear canal. In some cases, the ear mites can even cause a loss of hearing. 

Ear Mite Treatment

The veterinary hospital will clean out your pet’s ears with a special cleaning solution and may prescribe antibiotics if there is an ear infection relating to the ear mites. Following your appointment, you’ll want to stick to the treatment schedule provided to eliminate the ear mites, prevent them from coming back, and soothe your pet’s ears. This can be an uncomfortable condition, so you may see your pet experience some behavior changes, such as being more tired than usual. The typical treatment plan may take several weeks to completely resolve the ear mite infestation and any complications that were caused by it. Keep a close eye on other pets in the home as it is easy to pass from animal to animal.


Once your pet has recovered from ear mites, you’ll want to ensure that their ears are cleaned frequently as needed by a veterinarian. Any bedding that they used during the treatment process should be cleaned to prevent the mites from settling back in on the animal. While you can’t completely prevent them from happening in the future if you have a pet that is frequently in outdoor environments or around other animals, you can stop it early on in the process with due diligence. Worried that your pet might have ear mites? Schedule an appointment with Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Sacramento today!

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