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Pets may develop orthopedic problems, due to genetic issues, accidents, illness or simple wear and tear from their normal activities. These issues can cause pain and impairment that has a serious impact on your pet’s quality of life. At Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Sacramento, we offer surgical procedures and care for pets with orthopedic disorders.

What Is Veterinary Orthopedic Care?

Orthopedics is an area in veterinary medicine that deals with disorders of the bones, joints, and spine. These hard structures of the body are critical to normal movement. A variety of problems can occur in these structures. Orthopedic surgery can restore normal function, so pets can enjoy an active, healthy life.

Common Orthopedic Conditions in Pets

Fractures of the bone in an animal may require surgical repair. Arthritis produces a deterioration of the cartilage and bones of the joints that can impair mobility. Cruciate ligament tears are a common problem in active dogs. Many small breeds of dog have subluxating patellas of the knee joint that require surgical repair to facilitate normal movement.

Diagnosing Orthopedic Problems

The veterinarian will do a thorough examination of your pet, including inspecting its gait and any signs of discomfort. Blood tests may be done to find any underlying conditions that contribute to orthopedic issues. X-rays and ultrasound tests allow the vet to view the internal structures of the bones and joints to detect abnormalities. Your veterinarian may also do blood tests to find any underlying diseases that might contribute to mobility problems.

Your Sacramento Veterinarian Can Provide Surgery For Orthopedic Problems

A variety of orthopedic surgical procedures are available to help pets get back to full mobility. Simple procedures to stabilize the patella can help dogs walk more comfortably. Cruciate ligament repair can eliminate pain and limping. Disc surgery can facilitate normal movement. Full recovery from these surgeries can vary in time. In some cases, physical therapy is needed after surgery to ensure full mobility.


Dr. Varon uses his many years of experience in veterinary medicine to help their patients in Sacramento and nearby communities enjoy better health at every age. We are a full-service facility, offering exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental care, laser therapy, and surgery. Call Broadway Veterinary Hospital today at 916-446-6154 for an appointment to learn about current veterinary techniques that can help your pet’s orthopedic problem.

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