Exotic Animal Care

When hearing the words "exotic pets" you might think of emus, bears, tigers, or that friend of yours who had a pet raccoon. However, exotic pets are typically any animal that is not a cat or dog. If you have a lizard, snake, tarantula, or even a pet rabbit, you have an exotic animal. If you are looking for veterinary care for your exotic pet, you want the best care. We at Broadway Veterinary Hospital can help you learn more about how to provide for your exotic pet, and find the best veterinarian in the Sacramento area. 


What Is Different About Exotic Pet Veterinary Care?

Not all animals are the same. While some things are consistent across most living creatures, what is good or necessary for a lizard can be deadly to a bird. Veterinarians that offer exotic animal care are able to diagnose and treat the unique problems some exotic pets develop. While many veterinarians specialize in your typical domestic pets like cats and dogs, to get the best care for your Guinea pig, bird, or reptile, you'll need to visit a veterinarian who has knowledge and experience working with exotic pets.  

Just as dogs and cats encounter different types of diseases and health issues, exotic pets like birds, reptiles, and pocket pets have their own host of diseases, parasites, and degenerative body conditions that require specialized treatment.

Aside from Veterinary Care, What Else Should I Know about How to Care for My Exotic Animal?

Some veterinarians do not provide boarding or microchipping for any animal that is not a cat or dog. Because of this, it is important to prepare and look for a veterinary office that does provide services for your exotic animal. Other offices might offer everything from obedience courses and food for your animal. Do your research, and make sure to use the office that will give your animal the attention and quality services it requires to remain in good health.

It is also important to understand that some exotic animals require permits to own. Certain species of tropical bird, for example, while thriving in captivity, have become endangered in the wild.  If you have an animal that you think might need registered for permits, contact your veterinarian with your questions.

Come and see us at Broadway Veterinarian Hospital in Sacramento for answers to any questions that you might have about taking care of your exotic animals. Our number is 916-803-4446.


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